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6 fears holding you back from having your personal website. 

Website Development - by Vullnet Veliaj

Building your personal website is the best decision you will ever make to develop your personal brand on the internet. You don’t believe me? Ok, how about you open a new tab on your browser and google your name? Take a look on the search result page (don’t forget to come back to this post). Check how the most important part of your identity is shown on the top results. 

I am sure you would like the results to be presented in a more professional way. Associated with the story you want to tell. Not under some social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. And for sure you don’t want to see other people with similar names show up when yours is searched. 

The good thing is you can change the way your online presence looks by starting your own personal website today. It is easier than you think and I know what’s holding you back. 

Fear of programming and coding

Simply said, you need zero programming skills to create a website in the digital age we are living in. There are numerous content management systems (CMS) that can help you create amazing websites. Absolutely no coding and no previous knowledge needed. All you have to bring is commitment and the desire to learn by doing. The step-by-step process that is guided by professional platforms is simple and understandable. Here are some of the best CMS software you can use to create your home on the world wide web: 

WordPress – most used and reliable open-source CMS 

Wix – Best for beginners 

HubSpot – For a combined CMS and CRM

Shopify – Best for online retailers

Fear of expensive bills

Of course, many have that concern too. And it is understandable when you think that the website is not going to generate income, at least not immediately. But I guarantee you that in the long run, it will be the most valuable investment you have made. And it starts as low as €100/year. 

No matter the economic standard in the country you’re living in, the cost of maintaining a website is affordable. Most important it is worth it when you think of the benefits it brings to your personal and professional life. 

Fear of exposing yourself and disappointing others

Think about it like a social media profile. Just because not everyone has a website like they have a profile on Instagram, doesn’t make it that scary. And you don’t have to necessarily make a promise to people, so nothing to be disappointed about. Your website exists so you have total control over how you want to present your person on the internet. You want potential employers or customers to see you when they use search engines. 

Fear of imperfection

They say it’s better done than perfect. Everyone who has achieved something great has started far from perfection. All beginnings are difficult and things might look stupid sometimes, but there is no other way around it. If something goes wrong and your website seems ridiculous at some point, take it easy and work to improve it. Learn how to do things better using tutorials or written guides. You will surprise yourself with how fast your website will look professional and you will be proud of it. 

Fear of not being the right moment

The right moment will never come. Procrastination is one of the most difficult habits to change. Start today by researching and watching at least two YouTube tutorials a day. In two weeks’ time, you will know more than a second-year web development university student about websites. The sooner you start the faster you’ll be able to be ranked for your name on search engine results pages. Building a brand begins when you realize the importance of having a professional online presence. 

Fear of not being enough

Everyone has something to say, something to show, or something to be. After creating a personal space on the internet, it will feel like a digital home. It will help your creativity burst. You can collect and express all of your achievements. Projects, your story, professional qualifications, and ideas in one place, are all organized and beautifully presented. Making that happen is more than proof that you are capable. You have the courage to show up and can manage to make an impact on the world out there. 

Conclusion. Marketing your personal branding through digital means is one of the most important things you need to focus on. It will help you create authority, look professional and write your own story. Personal branding can be built on different areas, like social media, professional networks, public relations, etc.. However a personal website is the most important step-stone. You can showcase your creative work, build your elegant portfolio and stand out from competition. You’ll never regret the investment in time and money and you’ll be proud to have a website in your name.

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