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Vullnet Veliaj

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A marketing strategy put on plate.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants in Berlin - Vullnet Veliaj

Product-oriented marketing is an essential element of any successful business branding. One fascinating story that exemplifies this is that of a high-profile marketing expert who visited New York and tried to reserve a table for dinner at one of the city’s most reputable restaurant chains. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t find a free table for the next two months. Intrigued, he managed to get in touch with the general manager and met him in person that evening for dinner at one of the restaurants.

During the conversation, the expert asked the manager about the marketing strategies and channels they used to achieve such an unimaginable clientele. He mentioned that the online marketing activities he reviewed about the brand were average, if not less than average. “How do you do it?” he asked the manager.

The general manager replied with one simple sentence: “We put it on plate.”

This story highlights the importance of branding and marketing in a unique and compelling way. It’s not just about having a great logo, a catchy slogan, or a strong online presence. It’s about delivering an exceptional experience that customers will remember and want to come back to.

The restaurant’s success was built on a foundation of consistently high-quality food and service. They didn’t rely solely on flashy marketing campaigns or social media buzz. Instead, they focused on creating a memorable experience for every customer that walked through their doors. 

While there are many marketing strategies and channels to consider, the most important thing is to deliver an exceptional experience that your customers will remember and want to come back to. As the restaurant manager said, “Put it on plate.”

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