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Vullnet Veliaj

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SEO Is Like A Turtle

I don’t believe there is any bigger challenge for digital marketers than SEO. It tests them to the limit, despite the great reinforcement they’ve recently got from AI. SEO wants it all; creativity, commitment, consistency, experience, expertise, authority and trust. But is that enough to get ranked on SERP? 

Well, do not forget to bring a great amount of patience with it, because SEO is slow like a turtle. If you target long-tail and low-competition keywords, you can expect some results in 4-6 months. But if you go for the high-competition search terms, you might need up to 12 months on some occasions until you see the benefits of your work. 

Before you get discouraged, let’s think about the turtles again. Slow moving creatures with unhurried reactions and a completely passive defense strategy. Normal heart rate is about 25 beats a minute, and if the turtle is chilled its heart rate can drop as low as one beat per minute. But like everything in the universe keeps its balance, it was meant for turtles to live a very long time on earth, protected inside a special shield against external circumstances. 

And just like our ‘testudo’ friends, SEO has: 1- Long time benefits and 2 – It’s more protected from threats that mainstream and social media contents face, like content removal, reports, censure or even unexpected changes and updates of platforms. 

But there is much more to SEO that makes it a must have strategy for every business, organization or personal branding projects. Here are some of the most significant benefits of SEO: 

  • It doesn’t cost money, if you are willing to put in the work by targeting long-tail keywords.  
  • SEO is the best way to go with content marketing
  • Increases organic traffic and reach. 
  • Gives you the authority you need to close sales easier. 
  • It portrays you as a credible source of expertise. 

To conclude, SEO is the best challenge you can accept if you want to build a brand that lasts. It generates passive positive results and builds on itself to become a great asset for the future of your business.

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