I bring the best version of your business online.

The purpose of digital and online marketing is to build a brand. The way I help grow your dream business is by implementing strategies that naturally attract consumer’s interest in your services and products. 

My Mission

My name is Vullnet Veliaj and I’m a Digital Marketing Freelancer specialised in small business marketing management. 

The first time I heard the saying “Everyone Hates Marketers”, I felt strange. It made me switch focus to permission marketing. No more bothering commercial messages to irrelevant audiences with the hope that someone will klick it. People don’t trust your business if you’re trying to trick them into buying something. 

I choose to be direct. Professionally presenting my services, always aiming to solve your and your customer’s problems. Organic marketing like SEO or content marketing, search ads, email marketing, and video content that bring value to your audience is my approach. If potential clients see you are bringing value to the market, they will come to you. Because building a business is building trust. 

When you look at it from a marketing perspective, it is the trust in your brand that drives revenue better than any other factor. It can be built and I’m here to prove it. 

Marketing Vision - by Vullnet Veliaj

Independent But Not Alone

Ever heard of the T-Shaped Marketer? Well, that is having a broad knowledge on a wide range of digital marketing tactics, and being an expert in 1 or 2 specific areas. It is considered the most efficient approach of a successful professional in digital marketing and helps avoid the illusion of being Mr. Know-It-All. For this reason, to make every project an absolute success in all digital marketing branches, I love to collaborate with most talented professionals in their own fields, in order to complement each other’s spheres of expertise. It’s all about team work. 


Social Media Strategist and Manager


Designer and Content Creator


SEO & PPC Specialist

Opportunity to make your
greatest impact.

I know from experience that most medium-sized and small business owners underestimate the importance of online marketing for their initiatives. Products and services, as amazing as they might be, still must be brought in front of the right audience, which nowadays is mostly online. Therefore I’m offering a unique opportunity to convince you to start investing in online marketing with a low budget, to give you a taste of the great impact it brings to your existing clientele as well as to new audiences. 


I’m Here To Help You

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