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Experience the impact of personalized digital marketing that goes beyond conventional approaches. It only gets better.

Recent Website Projects

Explore bespoke solutions crafted to meet the unique needs of my clients,
ensuring maximum impact and lasting benefits.

Recent Social Media Projects

Consistency and engagement are key. Start with organic content until you get the first indicators that you are in the right direction with your message. Then is the moment to multiply the reach with the help of ads.

Buchi Podcast

Branding and Short Video Editing.

Akropolis Herbsleben

Branding banners and photo posts. 

Tibi Agency

Video and Photo posts. 

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If you are interested in what I’m working on, reach out to me and let’s see if we can join forces to achieve higher results and greater impact. 


Sometimes we need just someone to tell us where to start and how to organize things. Proven paths are the best teaching to be given to the courageous entrepreneurial spirits.


The best way to learn marketing is to do marketing, - Seth Godin once said.
Hands-On projects is the right approach of mentoring and I chose it every time.

Access to Professional Tools

Canva Pro, WordPress, Elementor Pro, and many more. Let's work together to craft your project for success.

Discussions on Trends

Constructive discussion is an educational institution. Exchange ideas and learn from each other's perspectives, mentality, and beliefs.


One of the most valuable assets of old people is networking. Even Social Media did not change that fact. Someone could be a valid hand in specific circumstances.

Affiliate Programs

Do not copy from anyone, unless you find a way to properly credit them for their creative work. Building the culture will benefit all of us as professionals and as humans.

Constant Improvement - by Vullnet Veliaj

The only way to success is smart work.

The mentality of continuous self improvement has shown to make a difference between people. Learn – practice – fail – grow.